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FAQ & About Us

What electronics do you recycle?

cell phones, smartphones, iPhones, iPods, iPads, tablets, Apple\Android watches, bluetooth, tablets. GPS, MP3 players, e-readers, digital cameras, handheld gaming systems and the accessories that come with them.

Is there a cost?

Absolutely not! It is a completely free program. In fact-we pay you for the e-gadgets that you recycle with us!

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How does this work?
Collect as many old e-gadgets as possible. Once you get a bunch of them contact for a shipping label. The devices come back to our facility, we recycle them and send you a check for their value.

If you simply wish to recycle your old household e-gadgets with no expectation of payment you are welcome to use our USPS returns system. Just click here for a shipping label. For every gadget you send we make a donation to one of our favorite gorilla conservation organizations-GRACE Gorillas!

What can I recycle with ECO-CELL?
We accept cell phones, smartphones, ipads, ipods, tablets, GPS, smartwatches, digital cameras and all the cords and cables that come with them. Any condition is fine.

How much does the program cost?
It is completely free! In fact, we pay for every single gadget recycled.

DATA SECURITY: What do I need to do before I send my gadgets to ECO-CELL?


ECO-CELL does not clear data from the devices it recycles. It is highly recommended that you clear data from your devices before recycling them. If unsure of this procedure please visit this link for instructions  NYT\Wirecutter article for data erasure. 


-For Apple devices please turn off "FMI" Find my iPhone, remove iCloud account and remove screen lock password.

-For Android users please log out of all Google and Samsung accounts before recycling then remove any screen lock password. 

What happens to the electronics, batteries and accessories that can't be reused?
All e-gadgets which can't be reused are recycled via R2 certified or better reclamation companies.

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About Us

ECO-CELL was created in 2003 as a way to mitigate the impact of electronics on the earth and its inhabitants. Our objectives are to raise funds for gorilla conservation, deter toxic waste from US landfills, build more sophisticated consumers and push for the creation of more sustainable electronics.

ECO-CELL is owned and operated by Eric Ronay who has loved all things wild since he saw Marlon Perkins wrangling an anaconda. Josh Sachs is the Chief Ethics Officer, cell phone processor, "insta" wizard and resident art feller . Eric's wife Lindsey helps with the books and endures the challenges posed by a small business.

We can't thank you enough for participating in our labor of love!

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