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Conservation Partners

Gorillas on the Line is an e-gadget recycling program designed to raise funds for gorilla conservation and increase public awareness of threats to gorillas; namely, loss of habitat from the mining of resources used to manufacture of electronics.

Recycle your cell phones at a conservation center near you!

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Over the past 20 years, the cell phone market has boomed while Grauer’s gorillas have suffered. The wild population has declined by 77% and only 3,800 gorillas now remain. But you can help by replacing your phone and other small electronics only when necessary and recycling your electronics when it’s time for a replacement.

JANE GOODALL INSTITUTE-Why did we choose ECO-CELL"Electronic recycling is a complicated industry and only a company with the right motivations and practices could align with JGI's mission to protect chimpanzees, and all great apes, as well as the environment we share."

CINCINNATI ZOO- A direct way for guests and supporters to join the Zoo in making a difference by recycling cell phones. Funds raised go directly to field conservation projects across the globe, including western lowland gorilla studies in the Congo. 

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