ECO-CELL provides a FREE “No Landfill” electronics recycling program that has proven to be a highly-successful fundraising tool for a broad range of groups including:

  • non-profits, schools, and colleges
  • zoos and botanical gardens
  • private businesses and corporations
  • individuals raising funds for the organization of their choice.

We make it easy to make a difference.

We want to make it easy for those who want to help reverse the environmental decline of our planet. We believe in providing excellent service, personalized attention, marketing and communications resources, FREE shipping, and an incentive program called the Silverback Rewards Program.

Learn more about the services we provide to our partners: What makes ECO-CELL better than other e-cycling programs.

The need for e-cycling continues to grow.

Electronics waste is growing exponentially. The average turnover rate for cell phones, smart-phones and handhelds is estimated to be 18 months. We provide a safe, environmentally-sound means to collect and recycle these valuable (and potentially dangerous) devices. More: Our Recycling Policy

ECO-CELL will help you with your recycling campaign.

Get StartedBy teaming with ECO-CELL, you can be assured that all of the cell phones, handhelds, and accessories you collect will be reused or properly recycled. See: What To Collect for a list of items we recycle.

Featured Silverback Partner

Edmonton_Valley_Zoo_LogoOur Silverback Partners receive special recognition from ECO-CELL for their efforts in recycling cell-phones and handheld electronics.

Edmonton Valley Zoo recycled 1368 handheld electronic devices with us in 2012. Way to go Edmonton!

Our featured charity of the month is: